Decorate a children’s bedroom with (a lot) style

children's bedroom

Decorate a children’s bedroom with (a lot) style

The children’s decoration is not what it used to be. Far away (far away) have been children’s designs, too naive and boring. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Luckily, the decorative trends of the moment invite us to decorate cozy, practical and, above all, modern and stylish rooms.

It is, then, to update the children’s design to make it much more avant-garde. A style that appeals to both big and small. Do you need some ideas? We explain what pieces should not be missing in the shelter of your children to decorate a children’s bedroom with modern style.

Creative illustrations and natural motifs

The bedding is a basic that should not be missing in any children’s bedroom. The current proposals invite us to dress the bedroom of the little ones with more modern textiles like washed linen. A rustic and very cozy touch, which is not incompatible with style or comfort.

children's bedroom

If we talk about prints, the illustrations of young creative people, but also the prints of always succeed. For example, sailor stripes and botanical motifs. That is, flowers and plants in a less romantic and childish version. These are fun and creative designs that move away from the usual topics.

Washable rugs and cushions in various forms such as clouds, stars and other similar designs are also very successful. Pleasant and fluffy textiles, in a wide variety of soft tones such as green, yellow, etc.

Kilims, ethnic design and geometry

For lovers of the eclectic, in the children’s bedroom can also accommodate a kilim. This exotic handmade rug, made of natural fibers, is perfect to give an ethnic touch to a super modern children’s room. The cushions and plaids with Aztec motifs can also be perfect to decorate this shelter. Of course, betting mainly for quality materials.

children's bedroom

Another print that you should not lose sight of are the geometric prints. Rhombos, squares, rectangles … Mathematics is also present in the bedroom of the little ones and in many different ways. For example, as stamped on bedding or in paintings, canvases and other similar illustrations.

Speaking of geometry … Another pattern that you can also add in a children’s bedroom trend are the motifs inspired by the tiles or hydraulic tiles.

Vegetal fibers

Speaking of materials, a trend that is rabidly topical and that also sneaks into the nursery are plant fibers. Rattan, wicker, jute, sisal and other similar fibers that are frequent outside the home conquer indoor spaces. And, how could it be otherwise, also the children’s room.

If you want to add vegetable fibers in the small children’s room, try a headboard or a seat or seat. Although you can also choose small accessories, such as lamps, baskets or even a rug.

children's bedroom

Design furniture

Another fabulous idea to give a touch of tendency to the room of the little ones is to give a twist to some piece that causes surprise or impact. For example, we can replace the traditional bedside table with a rustic-style stool or with a scandi-style side table. Of course, do not give up on cool pieces like tepees either. They are perfect to create a relaxation or play area.

The designer furniture also finds its place in the children’s room. So try contemporary, Nordic or even vintage styles. This type of pieces will help you to personalize the children’s bedroom with a lot of charm. You can even combine furniture in different decorative styles that will help you give an eclectic and very special touch to the bedroom of the smallest of the house.

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