5 Engaging Interior Design Trends for 2020

5 Engaging Interior Design Trends for 2020

As the hectic nature of modern life increases, it is unsurprising that many people are treating their homes as sanctuaries in which to escape and unwind. Interior design trends in 2016 reflect this desire in their simplistic and serene approach.

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With House to Home suggesting that the average Londoner spends almost £5800 per year furnishing and decorating their homes, it is clear that we are a nation dedicated to design. If you want to stay on trend with this year’s top interior themes then consider the following.


Bold feature walls are out this year in favour of calming colours that promote tranquility. Warm stone colours are set to increase in popularity and one of the upcoming trends is also to combine two serene colours such as pastel pink and powder blue in a fluid, unilateral effect.


The use of warm metals such as brass, copper and gold is an existing trend set to grow in popularity again this year. Set against a backdrop of white tiling or ceramic, a well placed brass rimmed mirror or ornament provides a touch of warmth and class that is timeless.

Blasts From the Past

Major tech companies such as Samsung are drawing on images from the past in their new retro collection which includes a 1960’s style TV with all the mod cons of the modern world. This will include connecting to the new TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham wires that are coming through your wall that companies like Steve Unett Aerials has installed. 70’s inspired furnishings are also coming back in a big way. Lamp lighting, geometric print and sheepskin bring a touch of the relaxed, carefree nature of the era into the home.

Bespoke Furniture

In a world of mass produced homeware, customised furniture gives consumers the ability to own a original piece of furniture designed to their own specifications – size, shape and fabric. In 2020 this trend looks set to continue with companies across the world emerging and establishing themselves online.

Rough and Ready

Adding a statement piece that looks old and abrasive to a sterile environment is a trend that will ‘intrigue the senses’ according to Jon Sherman, the director of a Brooklyn based wallpaper company. Picture a beat up old coffee table or desk in an otherwise calm and clinical room and you can imagine how this would be so.

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