Magic carpets and their place in history

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Magic carpets have been depicted in many films an stories over the years and they are much more  intriguing that your standard carpet that you need to get cleaned by a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company like because you knocked a glass of red wine over it last week. These carpets carry around with them an air of mystery and intrigue.

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Magic carpets are used a mode of transport by kings and thieves alike and no is as famous as the carpet in the stories of Aladdin. Most depictions of these carpets appear in stories from the orient. The stories of Aladdin and more correctly the tales of the Thousand and One Nights actually make little to no references to magic carpets and it is thought that the introduction of the magic carpet occurred during the Walt Disney adaptations of the stories. In the original stories it was in fact the bed that carried Aladdin and the Princess in the air as was controlled by the Genie from the lamp.

These wonderful carpets actually appear in stories and art work from many years before these tales were written and in fact King Solomon is known to be the earliest person to linked to the magical carpets. One of the tales written about the King and the carpet is thought to have been written as far back as the 13th Century AD. There have since been claims that this work was in fact based on an earlier manuscript that had been lost. In one such story the claim is made that a magic carpet is given to Solomon by God and it was strong enough to carry the weight of 40,000 men. Solomon is said to have grown too proud and so God decided to punish him by shaking the carpet whilst in mid-flight causing the men to fall from the sky.

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As well as being an impressive way to travel, Magic Carpets have also been mentioned in stories as a weapon that was used in battles. The carpets would carry their warriors into the battle allow them to attack their enemies from a height that would mean they were almost untouchable. They are also said to have been used in the abductions of kings and key warriors as they make no sound and allow an individual to enter a camp without being heard.

Regardless of which of these stories you like to follow there is a common theme that magic carpets were capable to helping people to achieve their fortunes, whether this was in terms of money, fame, love or even in battle.

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