What are the advantages of granite countertops?

What are the advantages of granite countertops

What are the advantages of granite countertops?

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and you are not sure what materials to use, today we are going to be of great help. One of the fundamental parts of the kitchen, since it receives almost all the hard work, is the worktop and, as you may have seen, the materials to make them are many.

However, today we want to talk to you about a classic in the kitchens of yesterday and today, which allows endless applications, both indoors and outdoors. We are talking about granite, an igneous rock of great beauty with a composition that gives it very high hardness and great resistance to abrasion, in addition to many other advantages that you surely want to know, right?

A wide variety of granites

You will find a wide variety of formats, tones and colors of granite in the market, which can be used in both exterior and interior architecture. Their final appearance depends on the size of the crystals and their color is determined by the type of feldspar and the minimal presence of other minerals. In this way, no granite is the same as another.

Perfect for the kitchen

Granite has a fresh and natural finish to the touch, making it the ideal material as a surface for preparing food. It also stands out for its beautiful finishes, its smooth surface and its maximum shine. In addition, having almost zero porosity, food can be handled safely.

Maximum resistance and ecological

As we have mentioned, granite has many advantages: its color is unalterable to the sun’s rays, it is resistant to scratching and all kinds of caustic agents and it is the hardest natural stone, superior to all synthetic materials.

In addition to all the above, granite is an ecological material that respects all sustainable extraction and handling procedures that do not harm the environment. Being a natural stone, it is not chemically treated, nor does it contain synthetic residues.

Granite price and cleanliness

There are cheaper countertops than granite countertops, but in a quality-price equation, these (especially the national granite ones) undoubtedly win, since they present many advantages at a very reasonable price and lower than that of the new materials.

Granite is a material of natural origin, but it is not delicate. It can be cleaned with common products, soap and water. It can be sanitized safely and often, which is why it is perfect for keeping the kitchen in the best state of appearance, safety and health.

Granite is the strongest stone on the market, so it is capable of withstanding very high temperatures. These properties of resistance to fire and heat are highlighted when granite is used as a kitchen countertop, allowing it to receive direct heat from kitchen utensils without altering its surface.

What are the granite countertops?What are the granite countertops?

In general, it is known by the name of the countertop to any element that is placed on a kitchen or bathroom furniture. Its main characteristics include the material from which they are made, its resistance to fire, humidity or scratches, its cost and the difficulty of working with each of the materials.

When talking about granite countertops, everything will depend on which country you are in. It is not the same to speak of a countertop in Mexico than a countertop in the United States or Canada. However, you can obtain the same finish with the same materials in all The countries, the economy and the needs of a family are what define which countertop will be used.

Errors when choosing a countertop

Cost reduction: The main mistake when choosing a countertop is wanting to reduce costs without first thinking about the functionality and the uses that will be given to it, an example of this is described below:

A granite countertop of 1.20 x 2.4 Meters in L can cost around 250 dollars in the USA, manufactured in a single piece, if we see it from this point it may not be so expensive. However, we must add the price of the person who installed it, since being a difficult material to work with, a professional is required, with labor already installed, a countertop could cost between 300 and 500 dollars (well below what it would cost in the United States or Canada).

The first mistake: Wanting to save on labor when trying to do the work yourself, placing a countertop is not a science as such, but several steps must be followed to avoid leaks overtime or the detachment of the same, levelling, Consideration of the weight that the kitchen cabinets will have to support, the heat resistance of the joints and other factors can be overlooked, which, not only could present problems in the future but also, would translate in an outlay of money and extra work that shouldn’t have happened.

Second mistake: Not considering the use that will be given to the countertop, this is one of the worst mistakes that can be made if you are a contractor or a person who is thinking of remodeling your kitchen, every material that a countertop can be made of counts with features that provide you with advantages and disadvantages.

Some countertops have a glass finish. However, over time scratches and fingerprints are noticed when we seat the palms, in other cases lined MDF countertops (the most common) can deteriorate if there is not good insulation with the water or debris.

Third mistake: Choose the most expensive option and neglect the other elements of a kitchen, the saddest thing that can be in a kitchen reform is that the budget is designated without taking into account the important aspects, such as appliances, cabinets, all of the paint on the walls, etc., that is why a nice countertop will not do any good with a poorly distributed kitchen it could further enhance the aesthetic defects of a kitchen.

Due to its internal structure being very porous, this material is no longer recommended for kitchens as it does not withstand heat very well, in sudden changes in temperature cracks or cracks may appear. Its shine will fade quickly. Scratches will be very noticeable on this material.

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