Simple American Cuisine

Simple American Cuisine

Simple is not synonymous with ugly. It is possible to design a simple American kitchen that has an elegant and functional design for your routine – and all this at prices that fit in your pocket.

To help you, here are some essential tips on how to make a simple and beautiful American kitchen.

Simple American kitchen with white countertops and matching stools

The first step in making a simple and beautiful American kitchen is to analyze the space. Take the measurements of the room to see how you can use the room to make cabinets and a counter for quick meals.

Simple American kitchen with blue countertop

The advantage of having custom-made furniture for your simple small American kitchen is that you can take advantage of more space in the decoration to store your kitchen utensils. However, the value of this furniture is usually much higher than the modulated ones.

If you need to save money on the project, take note of this tip: buy cabinets to install under the kitchen sink and install shelves on the wall to store other utensils. It’s a modern and practical project for you to store appliances, for example.

Simple American kitchen with gray granite countertops

The color palette does not need to be the same as the living room, but it is interesting to choose colors that harmonize with each other, as the open concept house calls for combinations of this type.

When in doubt, bet on simple small American kitchen furniture in neutral tones. They are chic and versatile shades. The most vibrant colors can be used in appliances and utensils.

Simple American kitchen with wooden countertops

The counter is essential for your simple small American kitchen. In addition to separating the kitchen from the living room, it can be a quick meal table for everyday life. Because of these characteristics, it is essential to choose a material that is resistant and practical to sanitize to use in the simple American kitchen with a counter.

Granite is the most suitable material, as it has good prices and a wide variety of shades for you to choose the one that best matches your simple American kitchen with a countertop project. But you can also make a glass countertop (which looks great in minimalist projects), quartz (mega resistant), or wood (perfect for rustic projects).

Oh, and don’t forget to buy modern and beautiful stools for your simple kitchen with a counter. After all, you’re not going to eat standing up, are you? Buy models in the decorative style of your environment.

Simple American kitchen with blue cabinet

As the American kitchen with single room is made in an open concept, the smell of what you cook will spread throughout the house – especially fried foods. The solution to not leaving the whole house smelling like food is to invest in a ventilation system, such as an extractor hood or hood above the stove. These appliances suck the smoke and avoid spreading the smell!

White countertop for the simple American kitchen

Pictures, kitchen decorations, crochet rugs, and embroidered dishcloths make all the difference in the American kitchen project with a simple living room, as they make the environment more cozy and beautiful.

Define a style of decoration and buy all the elements matching, so you can’t go wrong with the colors and details of your project.

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