Kitchen with moss green walls: combinations, ideas and advice

Kitchen with moss green walls: combinations, ideas and advice

How to decorate a kitchen with moss green walls? Ideal furnishing styles, coatings, and winning color combinations. Ideas and tips to avoid making style mistakes.

Among the most fascinating shades of green, we find the moss color , an intense shade tending to gray, which evokes feelings of well-being and vitality. Moss green is the perfect base for creating a natural color palette, capable of enhancing various styles of furniture, even different from each other.

It is, therefore, a versatile color, which gives the environment an elegant look, a bit like the classic neutral colors on which we always focus for fear of making mistakes. Moss green is a good alternative to traditional neutrals because, like them, it is able to evolve despite the changing times and fashions.

In fact, it lends itself to interesting color combinations that give an authentic and refined atmosphere. Are you curious to find out more about this color? From ideal furnishing styles to choosing winning combinations , here’s how to use moss green for kitchen walls.

Kitchen with moss green walls: combinations, ideas, and advice

One of the reasons why kitchen walls are worth painting moss green is because of their great tendency towards versatility. This color, in fact, enhances most of the furnishing styles, enhancing both rustic kitchens and kitchens with a more contemporary mood.

Among the most suitable furnishing styles for a color such as moss green there are some of the most popular trends of all time, such as the shabby chic style or the Provencal style. The same can be said for the rustic style, in which the prevalence of reds and orange colors comes out revived, thanks to the proximity to the cold and musky undertone of the green.

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However, if you prefer to furnish the kitchen with a more urban look, the industrial style is certainly the right one for you. Moss green is perfect for enhancing wood and metal, the favorite materials of this trend that are well suited to open space kitchens.

In a modern setting, on the other hand, you can dare with the whiteness of the marbles, using small accents of pink and metallic details to liven up the atmosphere and give a touch of warmth.

How to match moss green walls in the kitchen

Once the style to be adopted has been decided, it will be the turn of the combinations of colors and materials. Moss green is an extremely natural shade that blends perfectly with almost any wood color.

Earthy colors are also highly recommended because they give a decidedly rustic atmosphere, which is well suited to an environment such as the kitchen. Greenlight, therefore, for more sunny combinations, such as those with ocher yellow, orange, and oxide red.

Among the neutral colors you can definitely opt for pure white, which illuminates and expands the spatial perception. Elegant and refined the combination with beige , sand color, and all those neutrals that tend to brown.

Bold but classy the combination with grays and cold blues, but only if the environment is well lit. Do you like pastel colors? Well, try combining powder pink with moss green: the result will surprise you.

With metals, however, you can range from the cold colors of silver and aluminum to the warm colors of gold, bronze and copper. Metals will be perfect to emphasize some secondary elements or details, such as chandeliers, handles and structures of tables and chairs.

Match the tiles with moss green walls

The tiles help to personalize the environment with very different effects. With moss green walls it is advisable to choose monochromatic coatings and light and bright colors, so as not to overload the walls too much. For a more original result, you can opt for the herringbone arrangement, interspersing the tiles with small dark gray joints.

Or, if you want to obtain a more decisive result with a vague vintage hint, we suggest an unusual combination: moss green tiles combined with raw bricks create a country, convivial and cheerful atmosphere.

If you have a natural arch in your kitchen, this is the perfect match for you! Natural stone cladding is ideal for characterizing a small rustic style kitchen.

Kitchen with moss green walls: combinations, ideas, and advice

Finally, those who love retro trends will not be indifferent to the combination of moss green walls with adorable cement tiles.

If the kitchen is open and spacious, you can cover the entire wall behind the kitchen top. The pattern, however, must absolutely recall the shade of moss green chosen for the remaining walls.

If the kitchen is not very large, but the idea of ​​giving up cement tiles is not in your strings, limit yourself to lining the strip of the splash guard, with light-colored tiles that feature small delicate patterns. Tile a moss green accent wall and paint the remaining walls in a light neutral color.

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