How to organize a small kitchen

How to organize a small kitchen

Are you wondering how to organize a tiny kitchen? Use decorative details that give it amplitude and put into practice some tricks that facilitate the order and storage of the thousand utensils that we use when cooking. The small size of this room does not have to make it overwhelming, you simply have to resort to suitable furniture.

Decoration keys

To organize a very small kitchen, it is necessary that you do not overload the maximum to follow. The idea is to achieve a space that is as clear as possible so that it is much more comfortable and pleasant. In this post, we give you some tips on this topic: How to decorate a small kitchen.

In addition, when choosing decorative trends, use light tones, whites, and beiges, and choose large tiled flooring and tiles that avoid the ‘grid’ effect. With these three simple premises on how to accommodate things in a small kitchen, this room will be visually more spacious.

Separation by well-defined areas

In any kitchen, clearly defining the work-cooking area, the washing area (sink), and the utensil and food storage area is essential, but in a small one, it is even more important. But how to order kitchen cabinets? It is easy, to distribute and designate the cabinets or shelves perfectly in which you will put each thing according to its use and do not mix them.

For example, in the sink area, you can place cloths, scourers, or cleaning products but not a small spice cabinet or a shelf with food jars because it could be impractical and create a certain sensation of disorder.

Cabinets up to the ceiling

When organizing a tiny kitchen, put cupboards up to the ceiling. These are the best allies because they manage to take advantage of their space in height. Also choose them with interior shelves that allow you to organize dishes, small appliances, and kitchen accessories according to their frequency of use, logically the ones you use the least will be in the upper area.

Eliminate handles

This is another easy hack on how to organize small kitchen cabinets. With this idea, you gain centimeters and also facilitate movement without hitting the furniture. For this reason, choose cabinets and drawers without handles, with an interior groove so that you can open them or that open with simple pressure. They are certainly a good idea.

Drawer dividers

You can find them in a thousand shapes and sizes. Take advantage of the drawers to keep all the small kitchen utensils organized, from cutlery to trays or glasses depending on their size. This is one of the great ideas to organize cabinets in a small kitchen.

Hangers and hooks

They are especially useful when organizing a small kitchen. To do this, keep the utensils you use most frequently close at hand. A rail, placed on a wall that you do not take advantage of, is perfect for hanging skimmers, ladles, and even pans. Another possibility is to place small hooks at the base of the tall furniture. It will be great to hang the cups on them.

Door baskets

The inside of your cabinet doors can give a lot of play when it comes to organizing a small kitchen. You have hangers, small baskets, or mesh shelves that are easily placed on those doors. With them, store your accessories , knowing that you have them at hand with a simple gesture.

Take advantage of every corner

In a tiny kitchen, making the most of the available space is a priority. Make a hole between the fridge and the wall, this can be perfect for a narrow broom cupboard to store cleaning utensils. A corner can also be the ideal place to place a corner cabinet or an angled shelf where you can place what you want.

Finally, another idea on how to organize a kitchen is to create a lost space between a column and the wall, this can also be the perfect location for a shelf that helps you organize… review your kitchen because every corner counts!

Folding table

It incorporates a folding table, which is a basic piece of furniture in a small kitchen because a folding table, or even a folding shelf that makes the perfect bar for breakfasts or quick meals, are two options with which to gain extra space while keeping your small kitchen organized.

The sink

Don’t know how to organize a tiny kitchen? Use the space under the sink and keep it organized with the help of a bin with divisions that allow recycling and that fits perfectly. On the other hand, place a plastic organizer in which you can store cleaning products and utensils. To keep this area of ​​the kitchen tidy, a dish drainer that you can hang on the wall, over the sink, is also an excellent resource.

Organize the pantry

Dedicate a pantry closet exclusively. You must have enough shelves to place the different foods, dividing them into groups: preserves, oils, and legumes… for these purposes, glass jars that allow you to see the content are as practical as they are beautiful.

Doesn’t everything fit? It incorporates magnetic canisters (mainly designed for spices), which you can place attached to the side of the fridge. With them, you gain space, organize and enjoy the most original decoration.

Auxiliary trolley

To organize a very small kitchen, avoid accumulating objects on the counter. Choose, among the options that we have proposed, the ones that best suit the style of your kitchen and your needs. If you need extra space, you can also take advantage of space to place a cart or small side table with shelves and wheels.

For this reason, it includes auxiliary furniture , since they take up very little space and are perfect for placing baskets in which you can have, for example, vegetables or anything else you need to keep organized and within reach.

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