7 tricks to renew your kitchen without spending a lot of money or doing works

renew your kitchen

7 tricks to renew your kitchen without spending a lot of money or doing works

Maybe it’s something old. Or maybe you want to give it a facelift so it looks different. Whatever the reason, these tricks to renew your kitchen without spending a lot of money for sure you like. Also, you will not have to do any work either, so there is no excuse to give the room a new look.

Let’s see how simple and fast you can have a practically new kitchen …

renew your kitchen

1- Painting the furniture

You do not have to leave a huge budget to change all the furniture in the kitchen. A very simple way to transform it completely without having to deal with works is to paint them.

In the market you will find special paints for it and you have several options. If the kitchen is very dark, for example, you can give a touch of white to the doors so that it has a more luminous appearance and contrast with the floor. You will see what change the stay experiences.

2- Adhesive vinyl

Choosing vinyl is usually one of the most useful tricks in any room in the house. In the kitchen, too. I especially like how they are, for example, in the glass of the entrance door. You can also stick some on one of the walls.

There are culinary reasons that fit perfectly in this room. You will get a very fun and original touch, without works and without hardly spending.

renew your kitchen

3- Vinyl floor

In this case, the disbursement may be somewhat higher (it will depend on how big your kitchen is) but the change is more than guaranteed and you will not have to do any work. Placing a vinyl floor over the original tile will make your kitchen completely change its appearance. There are some that imitate wood, stone or other materials, so you have a lot of options to choose from.


4- Painting the tiles

Nor is it necessary for you to chop the kitchen to change the tiles on the wall. Again, he will touch paint and give the brush a while. It is very simple and there are special paints for this type of surfaces.

If your entire wall is white you can paint loose tiles of some color, or if they have a color or pattern that you do not like, camouflage painted the tile in a smooth or even white tone to give more light to the kitchen.

5- New handles for the cabinets

Few changes will be so simple and economical. Change the old door handles of your kitchen cabinets and you’ll see how easily you can renew their appearance.

renew your kitchen

6- Add decorative details

When we think about the decoration of the house we may forget the kitchen, but this stay allows a lot of decorative options of the most interesting. The ones that occur to you!

If you want to renew your kitchen without getting to work and spending little money on it, given free rein to your creativity and incorporate decorative details into the room that give it a totally new look.

You can put, for example, a carpet on the floor, a sheet on one of the walls or on a shelf or beautiful plants that provide color and joy to your kitchen.

7- Change the textiles

The textiles you can use to renew your kitchen may have become obsolete. Or maybe you’re tired of always seeing the same tablecloth and the same rags. They are asking for change!

Get new textiles Buy new tablecloths, new cloths, even put some cushion on the chairs. And, if you have curtains in a kitchen window, change them too. You’ll see how simple and effective your kitchen looks new.

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