Rustic Style: A style for all tastes

Rustic Style

Rustic Style: A style for all tastes

A cabin in the middle of the forest, a cozy house in the heart of Provence or a modern residence with a rustic spirit. What do all these homes have in common? The rustic style.

A look with many decorative possibilities for all tastes. In its crudest version, of romantic inspiration or cottage style. We present the different versions of the rustic style. The natural touch!

Rustic Style

The most austere rustic style

If we inspire ourselves in a cabin located in the heart of the mountain we will discover the rustic look more rough but with a lot of personality. It is the most austere of all with beams and architectural elements typical of the housing in sight. In fact, these elements become a fundamental part of the decoration. Check this

The wood is the undisputed star of this decorative style, especially the dark and untreated, with imperfect forms inspired by nature wood. Other materials typical of the rougher rustic is stone, which is present on the walls.

As for the furniture, stands out above all a furniture with great presence and volume that captures much of the role. Hard beauty that is softened thanks to cozy textiles, such as the prints of paintings that remind us of the high mountain.

Rustic Style

The romantic rustic style

Faced with the hardness of this rustic mountain style, we find the romanticism and delicacy of French Provence. In this type of housing we are surprised by wooden furniture but in soft and luminous colors, mainly bleached or pickled wood.

These furniture retain their natural beauty and show typical French design details, such as the sinuous lines that add a romantic and delicate accent to the decoration. This type of turned designs are known as cabriolet legs and are a symbol of classic French design. The upholstery adds warmth to this decoration: upholstered in soft tones where the traditional and sophisticated caption is not missing either.

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If we are inspired by a rustic Provence, naturally one of the great icons of this style cannot be absent: lavender. The most famous flower of this French region. Its beauty and its irresistible aroma conquer the interior of the houses of rustic and French inspiration.

These flowers are present both in natural version in ceramic vases or stamped on textiles. The final touch comes with classic details such as an antique bust or a sumptuous chandelier lamp.

Rustic Style

A renovated rustic style

The latest rustic style that we propose today a rustic reinvented and modern in which rustic elements coexist with more current details. Thus, the hardness of the rough wood is softened with the help of light. Luminous interiors in which there is no lack of white, both in ceilings and walls.

In these interiors it is convenient not to abuse too much other colors, so we will opt for a few tones: simply the white accompanied by delicate earth tones, perhaps in different versions. At best, we can introduce some green touch to plants.

It is also interesting to add some more current details as pieces of contemporary aesthetics, accompanied by classic furniture. And how can we integrate two different decorative styles? With the help of color. The earth tones allow us to unify all the decorative elements of the room in perfect harmony, thus achieving a rustic interior but renovated and modern. We can also add some detail more typical of the contemporary look like metallic or transparent surfaces.

In any of its versions, the rustic style stands out for the presence of architectural elements, recovered old pieces, natural fabrics, wild flowers and wood without artifices. Keep reading

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