Ideas to decorate a modern living room

modern living room

Ideas to decorate a modern living room

When we think about the decoration of our house we can opt for a lot of decorative styles. Even by a mixture of several of them. In any case, it is about that the modern living room have their own personality and that we feel comfortable and identified with them.

Today I want to show you some ideas to decorate a modern living room. From this perspective we can bet on the latest decorative trends so that it is always up-to-date or with elements that have a different avant-garde aesthetic. Let’s see how to get it.

modern living room

A detail that stands out

In decoration, sometimes, a single detail can make a difference. If you want to give a modern touch to your living room, you can place a designer lamp, for example, that monopolizes all eyes and gives it that special look you are looking for. You can also do it through a decorative element such as a sculpture or a piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of the room.

Here, for example, the lamp is very original and has been played with the color purple to make a wonderful combination with the sofa, in contrast to the rest white. In addition, chairs with a more classic design may have been used, but the final result is spectacular.

Modern furniture for your living room

The furniture is the main protagonist of the decoration of any room. For your modern living room the pieces with straight lines and a certain minimalist touch will be great, for example. A white or black sofa, touches of glass or metal … But without forgetting the comfort and functionality, which does not have to be at odds with the aesthetic.

modern living room

A little design

I mentioned it to you before but now I stop at this point. When we think of a modern decoration, rooms with a breaking element come to mind. Maybe a spectacular fireplace? Or a design table? Do not be afraid to innovate and bet for furniture and objects that contribute that modernity through its design.

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Unleash your creativity

The concept of modernity is very broad and perhaps abstract. And maybe even different for each person. Therefore, if you want your decoration to be modern as you conceive this idea, you just have to give your creativity wings to design a totally unique and customized interior design to your liking.

For example, you can place chairs of different colors and styles around the table in the living room, or put some decorative element that is not typical of the room but has a new utility in this room … A little imagination is always welcome at home!

modern living room

A commitment to color

Another way to decorate your modern room may be to introduce a lot of color in the room. This example can illustrate what I mean. With the pink and the green a very colorful and original room has been designed, with a certain tropical touch. The rest of the furniture is blank so that the plants and other decorative objects remain on the rest. I love the result!

Combination of different styles

A modern decoration does not mean that it has to be designed for a single decorative style. That is, you can combine different elements with a lot of personality and elegance to create your own modern lounge.

And it is that a Nordic style can be modern, too, or an industrial one. You can mix wood with metal and glass so that your living room has a current image. Because sometimes there may not be an option to change all the furniture but you can update the room by introducing small items that, suddenly, modernize it.

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