How to decorate a large living room

How to decorate a large living room

Normally we are used to living in smaller houses than we would like, where we have to use all our imagination to achieve a beautiful decoration. That’s why, when we get to a bigger house, sometimes we don’t know what to do with so much space. In this article, we want to help you, in our article on how to decorate a large living room we leave you with several ideas so that you can take advantage of all the space and enjoy your home.

Clear ideas

The most important thing when decorating is to know exactly what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. For example, the living room is often shared with the dining room, and even with the hall. Therefore, before getting involved in buying anything and accumulating things that are really going to hinder you more than help, it is best that you decide and put what you want on paper. In our case we propose:

  • Living room with sofas and television area
  • Dining for the whole family and celebrations

Being a large room there is no problem with having enough space, so it can be done easily.

Once this is done, draw the outline of the room on a piece of paper, trying to keep the proportions. Do it in pencil to mark the furniture and be able to change the different combinations.

If your living room is square

If your room is square you have it simple. It is best to leave a small free area around the door as a distributor and then reserve a half centered in one of the corners for the dining area and the rest to act as a living room. Place the sofas as a separation with your back to the table, you can even place a small shelf in the back to create a larger cut and give the feeling of being in two different rooms.

If your living room is rectangular

The best distribution possible, here it is easy. Divide the room into two halves, if you can, place the dining area in the part of the living room that does not serve as a passage to other rooms, it will be much more comfortable for you. Here you can already get a more complete and differentiated dining room, you can place a rug over the whole set to give it a greater cut. Buy an extendable table for your celebrations and extra chairs for your guests. You can store these chairs in the storage room or leave them on the side, place one next to the other as an extra place, it is not bad at all and it is very practical. Now you can also include sideboards, mirrors, and a more marked decoration. The idea is to create a room within another.

As for the living room, place the sofas so that they do not turn their backs when you enter the room. This gives a greater feeling of welcome and spaciousness. The best thing is to place two sofas that form an “L” and are complete with some armchairs or poufs (they are very fashionable!). Also, buy a coffee table around which everything is distributed and a television cabinet that helps you keep everything more organized.

If your living room is irregular

Here the complication increases. We recommend that you place the dining room in the part with the most natural light, especially if you have large windows. If you do it the other way around, keep in mind that you will have to have blackout blinds or curtains to prevent light reflections on the television, and this can be quite annoying. The objective is to create these two differentiated spaces: a dining room around an extendable table (measure the dimensions well so that it is not too narrow even when it is opened to maximum capacity); and a living room with two sofas and a center that faces the television but where we can also find other leisure activities such as reading, magazines or music.

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