10 interior design trends that should be forgotten in 2023

10 interior design trends that should be forgotten in 2023

10 interior design trends that should be forgotten in 2023

In the world of interior design, trends are often here to stay. But there are also some that have served their time and it would be best to forget them.

The interior design and architecture industry is based, like the fashion industry. On the trends that normally arrive to revolutionize the way, things are done. In the world of interior design, trends tend to be a bit more permanent than in other industries and many of the fads tend to return over time.

However; There are some interior design trends that have served their time and have simply ceased to be the industry’s favorites, either due to a lack of originality, practicality, or simply a change in tastes. So keep reading to learn about the interior design trends that will no longer be the favorites of designers during 2023.

  1. Forgetting the imitations

In 2023, everyone is looking for real and genuine things so knock-offs just aren’t ideal. Both the imitations of materials such as wood or stone and even the imitations of expensive furniture or valuable antiques will remain in the past since currently, the most important thing is originality.

So the time has come to say goodbye to imitations and start looking for your own original style. This can be achieved by ditching the big box stores that sell knock-offs and instead focusing on working with and supporting local artisans and real antique stores.

  1. Extreme minimalism

Minimalism goes far beyond a decoration style, being a lifestyle. But in recent years, the trend of minimalist decoration has been adopted where, in addition to reducing the number of decorations, a monochrome and clear color palette is also chosen. But the time has come to dare with color and leave extreme minimalism aside, so minimalism will continue to be a trend. It will no longer be so extreme and will be much more open to integrating natural materials, colors, and even organic shapes.

  1. Breaking with homogeneity

The decoration with furniture that combines will be in the past since the new trends show the creation of much more fun and versatile spaces, leaving aside homogeneity. The time has come to set aside perfection in spaces and dare to mix patterns, colors, and textures. This applies to everything, from the photographic paintings, the patterns on the cushions, and even the shape of the dining room chairs, the tendency to combine everything and homogenize spaces is a thing of the past.

  1. Tropical style, just for the beach

Although the tropical decoration style is still a great option to decorate in tropical areas, it is time to stop using it in any space. The tropical trend became one of the most popular in recent years with the rise of wallpaper with palm trees and flowers. But today this style is out of fashion and it’s time to forget about it.

  1. Floor to ceiling tilesinterior design trends for Floor to ceiling tiles

Tiles in the home have been one of the most used materials when it comes to decorating and although it is still an essential element for the humid areas of the home, the fashion of installing them from floor to ceiling has come to an end. Of course, these materials can be installed wherever

  1. Simple and boring lamps

It is true that lamps are intended to illuminate spaces. But the time has come to forget the idea that this is their only purpose. Lamps are currently used as decorative elements thanks to their originality and versatility. So you have to forget the trend of hidden LED lights or recessed lamps. And you have to start experimenting with lamps and lights that fill the space with fun and personality.

  1. Marble as the only option

Since the beginning of the 2010s, marble, both original and imitation, has been one of the most popular stones and patterns in the world of interior design and could be found in any presentation. From the floor of the house, the countertop of the kitchen, and even the pattern on the cushions, marble was the king of interior design.

In recent years marble has lost prominence to much more original. And colorful stones and this is the year where the marble will finally be forgotten and more fun options such as terrazzo or quartz will be used.

  1. Goodbye to solid divisions

Open spaces are becoming more common, so it’s time to get rid of those unnecessary walls that were built to divide spaces. If what you want is to create divisions in the home, we recommend using large glass walls or curtains. But the important thing is to stay away from unnecessary and solid divisions.

  1. To say goodbye to static furniture

As the problem of homogeneity, static furniture is a thing of the past. The trend of large fixed furniture has been forgotten as home spaces must be increasingly practical and versatile. Currently, the trend is to invest in furniture that can be used in more than one way, an example of this is modular armchairs and folding tables.

  1. Square shapes and straight lines

The trend of perfect lines and square furniture has to be forgotten as quickly as possible. With the arrival of the curvy couch and the curvy mirrors, a revolution was created where organic forms are the new stars of the home, leaving behind the time when everything had to look like building blocks.

It is always important to remember that trends and fashions determine the most modern and current styles and although this can directly influence people’s tastes. The most important thing when decorating a space is to be true to personal style.

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