How to Encourage Butterflies Into Your Garden

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When considering how to encourage butterflies into your garden there are a number of simple steps you can take which could result in an amazing display of winged beauties. One thing that you will need to do is make sure that your garden receives at least six to ten hours of sunlight throughout the year, and that it is never too over wet or too dry. Also, you should be sure to plant many different kinds of flowers that will attract both butterflies and small birds and which will flower during the day. Having flowers in a pot and container garden is one of the many great aspects of a Park Home Life. Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire is a great place to look at getting one.

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Another important step when trying to attract species of butterflies into your garden is the kind of garden you have. While certain types of butterflies normally the most common such as Peacock and Tortoiseshell Butterfly, prefer certain types of garden plants and flowers, other types of butterflies prefer different things. For instance, a lot of the nectar producing flowers like the Day Lilies and Daisies require much less water than the Ocotillo and Chili plants, both of which attract Mason Bees.

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If you have a large variety of flowers that you would like to feature in your garden then you should consider planting them in a row, but make sure they are spaced closely enough that you know exactly what plant is next to which flower. If this seems a little time consuming, you might wish to consider planting your garden in pots which can be moved from one area to another if necessary.

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