How to clean a porcelain tile floor

How to clean a porcelain tile floor

Porcelain tile is a highly sought-after material in home construction, as it is very resistant, can be purchased at a good price, is easy to clean, and is very elegant and modern thanks to its natural shine.

Although porcelain tile floors can get dirty easily, they are also very easy to maintain. If you have a floor made of this material in a room in your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and you want to learn how to keep it in perfect condition, take note of all the advice that we are going to give you in this article on how to clean a porcelain floor.

How to clean the rustic or matte porcelain floor

The first step in cleaning our porcelain tile floor is to get rid of the most superficial dust and dirt. To do this, you can use, for example:

  • Broom and dustpan: although it is the most obvious method, it is not the most effective in all cases. With the broom, we can clean the most visual remains from the porcelain tile floor, such as fragments of broken glass. However, the broom is not very effective for picking up animal hair or dust, since, although being so small, it is easy for them to spread on the floor easily.
  • Mop: a mop is a good option for picking up dirt that is smaller than the ones that the broom can pick up since it usually gets trapped in the mop. However, in cases of allergies to dust or pet hair, it must be taken into account that it is not an absolutely effective method.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: The vacuum cleaner, as its name indicates, sucks up dirt, which is perfect in cases of allergies. However, the battery of most vacuum cleaners runs out easily, so you will have to take breaks to clean the floor.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner: the best option is, without a doubt, a robot vacuum cleaner, like the ones offered by ILIFE. With robot vacuum cleaners you can forget about the dirt in your home. You just have to turn it on and the device will clean the porcelain floor for you, saving time and money. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans your home better than any other cleaning utensil, since it sucks up and collects every speck of dust and animal hair, no matter how small, leaving the house absolutely spotless.

It is very important to remove all dirt before mopping the floor, otherwise, the result can be disastrous.

Home remedies to clean porcelain floors

Once you have cleaned or vacuumed the main dirt, it is time to clean your porcelain tile floor with homemade products or specific ones for that material, such as the ones we propose below:

Porcelain tile cleaning products

  • Warm water and a soft product: to clean the porcelain tile, it is best to mix warm water with a soft product to remove dirt from the floor, such as a neutral detergent. Remember not to use aggressive cleaning products, as they can affect the quality and shine of the tiles. Scrub the floor with the mop and let dry. In a few minutes, it will be clean and shiny thanks to its rapid absorption capacity.
  • Warm water and vinegar: Although it may seem incredible, cleaning the porcelain floor with vinegar is an excellent option. Vinegar is an excellent cleaner since it has great disinfectant properties. In addition, vinegar is capable of eliminating the bad smell of the home, which is perfect if we have pets. Of course, it is convenient to dilute the vinegar well in water, since otherwise, the floor could lose its shine due to the acidity of the vinegar. The idea is to put ¾ parts of water and ¼ of vinegar.

How NOT to clean porcelain tile floors

Try not to use commercial cleaners that are oily, animal fat based, or too soapy. It is advisable not to use waxes or polishes, these can damage the shine and turn it into a very unpleasant opaque layer.

How to restore the shine of porcelain

As we mentioned, the inappropriate use of cleaning products can damage the porcelain tile and make it lose its natural shine. In these cases, the best thing we can do is acquire a specific polisher for this type of floor. In this way, you will remove the damaged layer and you will be able to polish the porcelain floor again.

However, we recommend that once a year you hire the services of a specialist so that they can polish your porcelain floor. With this action, you will be able to renew the shine every year and you will keep your floor as shiny as the first day. In addition, they are not usually very expensive services and with their polishing machines, they achieve a spectacular result.

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