How the pandemic has changed home buyers’ priorities

How the pandemic has changed home buyers’ priorities

There is no doubting that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live, work, and interact beyond all recognition. For many, 2020 has given us all a chance to reflect on what is important and what is possible. For employers, it has also been an important wake-up call and proof that the flexible or remote working that has been the longed-for utopia is actually within practical reach.

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For homeowners, that’s prompting some very big questions, which are being reflected in the current market.

A place in the country

Living in the countryside or by the sea has long been a dream for many, but it’s something that never seemed realistic because we couldn’t move that far from the office. However, this year, things have changed, and provided there is a reliable internet connection, we’ve learned that we can work from home. And perhaps more importantly, employers have realised that we can be just as productive working from home, if not more so.

The new normal

We’re all chasing the new normal, whatever that looks like. For many of us, it’s never having to do the long commute to an office ever again. And for that reason, many of us are considering a house move somewhere that is better set up for working from home. That might be down to the internet connection but also includes separate space like an integral office, a spare room or garage that could be converted, or space in a garden that could house an office.

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The BBC outlines some reasons why continuing to work from home is the goal for many of us, including the financial implications.

If you’re considering making the move somewhere that will better support a permanent work-from-home situation, be sure to seek independent legal advice about your ideas. There may be restrictions in your deeds about the sort of work you can do from home, especially if you’re running your own business.

For others, it might be that a more wholesale change is required and they can put their property on the market to head to a more rural setting. In that instance, seek legal advice from experts like SAM Conveyancing on how best to proceed.

Whatever you’re thinking, take your time, do your research, and make the decision using your heart and your head.

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