How to plant a flower bed in front of house?

how to plant a flower bed in front of house

How to plant a flower bed in front of house?

Building a raised flower bed in the garden requires a little planning and foresight beforehand, it is not as difficult as one might think about building a flower bed from scratch but you have to have some clear ideas and be foresighted. In this article, we present how to plant a flower bed in front of house. 

How to plant a flower bed in front of house

how to plant a flower bed in front of house

There are many types of flower gardens and raised beds, so not everything is strict and imagination is the only limit as to how to build your flower bed in the garden.

In a garden bed, you can plant flowers as you like, large or small, curved or straight, raised or flat, whatever you want and want and even over time you can change the varieties that have plants and even space. This is one of the great advantages and benefits offered by the construction of a raised bed, and is the fact that the flexibility and diversification that you can have in its design and planting are very broad. Keep reading http://wordgrill.com/general/how-to-get-the-best-deal-when-selling-your-house/

How to create a flower bed

how to plant a flower bed in front of house

Before starting a bed of flowers, it is necessary to plan for the future. Take a walk around your property and choose an appropriate location. Take note of available light and nearby structures. Determine the location of the underground utility lines and the nearest source or point of water.

Before planting a flower bed, you should make a sketch or a small plane. This is important since it allows you to play with ideas, such as the size and shape of the flower bed. It will also make it easier to choose the plants since these should always be compatible with the area and climate that you have.

Use a hose, spray paint or flour to mark and shape the bed.

How to plant

how to plant a flower bed in front of house

Once you know how to create a flower bed, you are ready to plant it. Depending on its location, size and if flower boxes are used, starting with a flower bed, often the first job begins with the removal of the grass. There are several ways to achieve this; digging, applying herbicides or tearing them with your hands.

  1. Inside your flower bed, you can include sections, which will be a much easier way to organize the interior of the bed.
  2. Loosen the floor of your raised bed and add organic matter, as well as water and some mulch to keep the weeds.
  3. It is important that you do not forget to add an attractive border to your garden bed to define the edges.
  4. The use of herbicides can effectively kill the grass, but perhaps bring other problems with planting later, so you better decide to eradicate the weeds with organic products.
  5. You can start with your bed without digging in early spring for summer planting or building a bed of flowers in autumn when the grass starts to be something more dormant.
  6. Fill the area with cardboard or several layers of newspaper and saturate them with water.
  7. Add compost or rich soil or on top of your flower bed with another layer of organic mulch, like straw, on top.

Knowing how to plant a flower bed in front of house, together with the careful planning in advance, makes the construction of them easier.

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