5 original ideas for decorating small gardens

small gardens

5 original ideas for decorating small gardens

If today the houses are small, the gardens are also small. That is why, on occasion, the decoration of small gardens can be a bit complex. Even so, there are precious ideas to make that small space look like an authentic jungle. That is why we will give some ideas for decorating small gardens below. Being small is not synonymous with not being a decorable space, is not it? Go for it.

The decoration of small gardens

These ideas are ideal for decorating small gardens. Of course, this does not mean that they can be done on a larger scale. Large gardens can also be decorated with these ideas, although they are more recommended for children.

Stairs with flowers and plantssmall gardens

One of the ideas that I like most for decorating small gardens is to put a medium height staircase and fill it with flowers and plants. By placing so many flowers at one point it seems that the garden is much larger, that is, that this idea makes space look wider. In addition, it gives a very vintage touch to the garden, especially if you decide to add a shower to the image.

Flower pots with flowers on the wallsmall gardens

If your idea is to fill the flower garden, I think you will like this. It is about placing many planters, everything that the wall allows you, in your small garden. So you can have many flowers without having to have a large space.

As for the flowers, you have two options, either you choose to put the same flower in all the flower boxes, or you put different flowers to create contrasts. Personally, I like the second option more, but both are ideal and can work very well in a small garden. Continue Reading-Perennial plants for the beach house: these are the easiest to grow!

A small poolsmall gardens

The fact of having a small garden does not mean that you can not place a pool, far from it. When you have to decorate small gardens and you want to place a pool, the best option is to take advantage of the holes. That is, if your patio is rectangular, make a narrow but elongated pool. If it is square, make a pool wider but less long. If you have unused corners, take advantage and put the pool there. It’s all about strategy.

A water sourcesmall gardens

Although a water source looks like an ambitious project for decorating small gardens, it is not. Remember what we have discussed previously. You can do what you want in your small garden, you just have to adapt the sizes and avoid overloading the space. It is always better to have three ideas well assembled than eight poorly planned.

So if your dream is to have a fountain in the garden, there is no problem. Of course, choose a rather small source and place it in a strategic location. It can be the point of separation between the lawn and the chill out zone, do not you think? In addition, listening to the falling water always relaxes, so there is no better decoration of gardens, large or small.

Original stone pathsmall gardens

Something I always recommend for the decoration of small gardens is originality. You can not put many things inside your garden, so make sure the ones you place are really unique, like this stone path. The paths of stones, or wood, are very helpful, so putting a more original one will make your garden a little more special.

You have many types of stone garden paths to choose from, so decide well and give that original, special and unique touch to your small space of relaxation. Of course, do not forget that, although it is a short way, that is why the garden is small, it also needs good maintenance.

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