Hanging lamps for living room

Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps for living room

Before choosing between all types of Hanging lamps and possible designs, it is essential that you know the variety. We are many who enter the online shopping, but before carrying it out, it is very important that you visit some physical stores where they have a wide variety of lighting.

In this way, you can see the effect of the lamp in the place and then be able to choose the one that can be adapted to the different spaces. In addition, you do not have to forget the implementation of energy saving light bulbs and LED lamps that are the protagonists today in interior decoration.

How to choose the hanging lamps

Hanging lamps

You should not stop thinking about the types of luminary. And within these, select among the different alternatives such as types of fluorescent lamps, types of halogen lamps, with special luminaries, etc.

Well, there are areas where it is necessary a greater intensity in light, while there are other areas that are better to be attenuated by corresponding to places of relaxation or transit. Nowadays, it is highly recommended to choose the types of LED lamps, because they help to save energy and also, they are functional, for the decoration of any room in your house.

With respect to the material, there are no limits. Most are glass lamps and glass lamps. Crystal chandeliers are perfect for creating cascades of light, while glass lamps come in more modern models to decorate your living room.

Hanging lamps

In addition, you have to distinguish that within the lines of modern lamps that you can have a variety of types and models. Therefore, you should be very clear about the small details: used materials, shapes, colors, etc. This point is key to give a different and personal touch to each room.

As for the colors, if you want the lamp to have a big role, it is advisable that you choose intense colors, but always harmonize with the rest of the decoration of your living room. You can also achieve this effect with a mixture of colors or with the choice of gold or silver tones.

The lamps of strong colors are not recommended for interior decoration of minimalist or simple styles when you want to give personality and strength to the environment. The installation of lamps of exclusive or different design will achieve your goal.

If the decoration of your living room already has its own push and you do not want to recharge the room, I advise you to use simple lines and soft colors.

How to decorate with Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps

A suspended or suspended lamp, as its own moment says, is everything that hangs from the ceiling. The point of light is located in the upper area and from it hangs a cable that holds the lamp itself (or luminaire, as it is called at a professional level).

This type of Hanging lamps is the most used since they illuminate from top to bottom. A pendant lamp installed in the upper area of the room (mainly if you also center it in the middle) is the one that most illuminated space covers and therefore is the most used to achieve general lighting.

Eye with height. If you are going to decorate with hanging lamps, do not make the mistake of hanging them very high, because they do not usually look good. Do not be afraid to lower the cable. If you are going to place it on a dining table, you can count between 159 and 169 centimeters from the floor and take that reference as the lower level of the lamp.

You are going to place several hanging lamps in a free corner, I advise you to let them hang several and leave the shorter one below the line of the eyes.

Two symmetrical lamps should be placed at the same level. When you install several lamps in a row, it looks much better if you place them in different heights. But if you’re only going to place two, then go to the same level. Avoid the temptation to put one a little lower than another to invigorate.

Hanging lamps

Avoid seeing light bulbs. Unless the bulb is decorative by itself (for example, curious filament bulbs, matte ball light bulbs, etc.) prevents them from being installed a screen in the lower area of the pendant lamp. There is nothing more unsightly than a suspended lamp in which low-energy bulbs can be seen underneath.

Beware of low ceilings. All pendant lamps look much better on high ceilings. Therefore, if the ceiling of your room is very short, I suggest you stay away from this type of pendant lamps. In the rest of the areas, you can place lamps, recessed luminaires, ceiling lights or light scenes based on a mixture of wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Hanging lamps can not only be used to decorate your living room, but also any room in your home.

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