6 frequent mistakes in choosing a sofa

choosing a sofa

6 frequent mistakes in choosing a sofa

The choice of a sofa is one of the most important decisions in the decoration of the room. This element becomes the metaphor of comfort and relaxation. However, when choosing a sofa may be accompanied by errors that we list below …

choosing a sofa

Do not take into account the location

When you go to the sofa shop to make your purchase you should not only observe the product itself, but also put it in relation to the space in which it will be located. The size of a sofa should respect the harmony of the proportions of the room itself so as not to obstruct the passage areas. It is also not advisable to place the sofa next to the window in case of having small children at home.

Find the most economical model

Choosing a sofa prioritizing price differentiation by focusing on the cheapest products on the market can make this piece of furniture expensive. The sofa is a product of daily use, for this reason, the wear of a product of low quality does not guarantee the necessary durability of the model.

That does not mean that the best sofa is the most expensive. You can find a wide variety of intermediate prices to guide you.

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choosing a sofa

Prioritize the design

In the market you can find a wide variety of models of sofas that gather around themselves two essential criteria such as image and comfort. No matter how attractive a sofa is visually, it is not a good investment if it is uncomfortable because you will not enjoy it as you deserve.

Currently, you can not only gain comfort when sitting, but also, by adding a new functionality to your sofa. For example, you can get an extra storage under the seat of some designs suitable for storing blankets. This can be an effective idea to gain space in small classrooms.

Even if you have seen a sofa that you love in a furniture magazine or in a sofa catalog, it may not be the best proposal for your living room.

The ephemeral of fashion

The decoration market is constantly evolving, a universe of trends that change in each season. When you buy a sofa, that piece of furniture will be integrated into your living room for several years. Therefore, try to think beyond the short term to choose a design that survives the trend of the moment. Also, when choosing a sofa, it is also recommended that you observe the style of the room in order to choose the most appropriate option. This vision of the future also allows you to optimize the investment made at first.

choosing a sofa

Not having a goal

The purchase of a sofa can have a specific motivation. Maybe you are looking for an economic option for a second home or, on the contrary, you prefer to invest in a higher quality sofa in your usual home. Not being clear about your objective can lead you away from your initial purpose and, finally, the purchase made does not meet your expectations for the future.


A sofa not only matters for its aesthetic, but also, for its composition. A common mistake is not to request information about this issue when making the purchase at the store. When you go to the point of sale, ask for the advice of the professional who attends you to choose a material that is breathable. Similarly, if you have children, it may be advisable to choose a sofa with a cover as this system is practical for washing.

Therefore, these are six common mistakes in choosing the sofa that you can avoid when buying the most desired product.

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