living room decoration

Four trends of living room decoration

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house as a social gathering center. This room projects its best version of comfort and harmony through different trends. Here we show some examples of ideas present in salons that can inspire you to transfer the essence of any of these proposals to your home.

Living room with fireplace

living room decoration

The image of the fireplace brings a unique aesthetic to the environment close to the sofa as shown by the experience of winter afternoons lived in the shelter of this warm indoor space that becomes a pleasant refuge in an afternoon of reading or conversation. In addition to the practical function of the fireplace, the beauty of this element has an important value at a decorative level. Beauty and elegance that make the fireplace the center of this room in the house.

Open space

trends of living room

Another decoration trend is the creation of an open space that enhances its breadth from the union with the kitchen. An open space that, in some cases, can be viewed from the entrance door to the home. A point of view that is an expression of light, welcome and comfort. A decoration proposal that differentiates spaces through other formulas.

The choice of this decoration trend can be a reflection of one’s life in a home that welcomes usual celebrations. In this way, the open space of the kitchen and the living room also has its reflection in the emotional plane as a nucleus that invites communication.

Decoration with moldings

trends of living room

The potential of decorating a home can not only make the breadth of an attractive space or distribution a fortress, but the height of the ceilings is one of the aspects that can attract attention in a home.

In relation to the ceiling, one of the decoration trends in the living room is to enhance the prominence that this point has in this scenario through the proposal of decorative moldings that have an ornamental component. For example, this type of proposal provides a landscape in relief to the ceiling. The molding is an example of detail that expresses beauty and elegance to the room. A style that takes care of this detail.

Therefore, these are some of the ideas for decorating rooms that can inspire you not only for being a trend, but also because they are an example of proposals that are reinvented over time.

Decorate the lounge coffee table with books

trends of living room

Reading is an important component in decoration as shown by the example of a home that comes to life through the expressive beauty of so many stories that reinforce the imagination. A custom made bookcase is a type of furniture that can be present in the living room. But one of the trends in decorating rooms also gives this prominence to books.

The one that transforms the image of the table in the center of the room by placing some books that are strategically placed on this surface. The choice of the three or four books selected is not the result of chance either. For example, they are books that besides having a careful edition, you also like them and find them interesting. In this way, you can consult these books at different times. As well as visits can do. The book can be the starting point for new conversations if these works have a clear visual component.

Therefore, enjoy the creativity of decorating your living room observing in the implication of this daily gesture an investment of joy and well-being.

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