keep the kitchen clean and safe

Four tips to keep the kitchen clean and safe

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Maintaining order and cleanliness in the kitchen is essential. To find everything at the first and not waste time when looking for utensils and food, and also to keep bacteria at bay when we cook avoiding unpleasant surprises. Here you will get four tips to keep the kitchen clean and safe.

In fact, sometimes we are not aware of the importance of keeping this space clean in which we have to avoid any type of contamination of food. To achieve this, today we bring you four tips to keep the kitchen clean and safe at the hand of the Silestone Institute.

keep the kitchen clean and safe

Cooking zone: The ceramic hob or the gas hob is one of the places that accumulates the most dirt, with the splashes of the pot or the pan. In the case that the kitchen is gas, it is best to disinfect the burners with a mixture of vinegar and three tablespoons of baking soda with half a liter of water to get clean any rest that may hinder the output of gas.

In the case of the glass ceramic, it will suffice to clean the surface with a special cleaning product for this type of surfaces, helping you with a special blade to eliminate any food residue without the danger of scratching the plate.

Clean countertops well: Countertops are a particularly dangerous place. In them, we manipulate food, we cook … and we do not always clean it as we should to eliminate germs. Sometimes, we even use wipes full of bacteria to clean it.

In the case that the countertop is Silestone, a synthetic material and nothing porous, it is easy to disinfect it with water and neutral pH detergent. But if the countertop is made of wood, in addition to cleaning it with detergent, it is necessary to apply a specific oil every two or three months to hydrate and restore its natural shine. For stainless steel countertops, simply rub with a cloth with detergent.

keep the kitchen clean and safe

The kitchen, well ventilated: Ventilate the house every day is an obligation. And in the case of the kitchen, even more. This need for ventilation becomes more mandatory if possible when we have the kitchen open and integrated into the living room or dining room, as smoke and odors spread throughout the room without remedy. To achieve adequate and natural ventilation, the best option is to put the window close to the kitchen. And of course, turn on the extractor hood at the right power every time you cook. You would be surprised to know how many people forget to connect it!

Attention with waste: Our houses are real machines to generate garbage. Any domestic kitchen generates around a daily kilo of garbage, be it organic, paper, cardboard, glass or plastics. In addition to recycling to contribute to the care of the environment (get trash bins with several compartments for recycling), it is important that we be very careful with the waste that we generate while cooking, since they are a great source of contamination. The main focus of contamination is the garbage bin, where microorganisms find the optimal conditions to spread. So, in addition to lowering the garbage daily, it is recommended to clean the bucket every few days.

If you apply these simple and practical tips to keep the kitchen clean and safe from the Silestone Institute, the kitchen will be in a state of review at any time.

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