For the love of the lawn.

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One of the most prized and prestigious parts of a garden is most definitely the lawn.  This small piece of grass either at the front or the back of the house, or in some cases both, requires a lot of love and attention from the keenest of Gardeners.  Having said that it also requires some attention from those who are not so keen as well! Whatever category you fall into you’ll certainly need to have a decent mower.  This is why it’s always good to have some Mountfield spare parts and some DIY spare parts in case it needs fixing.  What else can you do to care for your lawn to make sure it looks green and lush?

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Grass is an incredibly hardy plant; it does not need a lot of water.  The only times you should water is when you are starting to see brown patches, even then the grass is not dead it is just merely resting until it can get some liquid from rainfall.  Start up lawns do need watering but once they are established they should be able to manage themselves.

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Make sure the settings on the mower are correct. Do not be tempted to cut the grass too short as it will only grow back quicker. Regular medium cuts are better than quick short ones.  The lawn does need to be aerated. The simplest way to do this is to put in regular fork holes into the ground that will allow the water to run away and allow oxygen to get to the plants roots.  Follow these simple Rrles and   you will soon have a lawn that there’s something to be proud of.

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