decorating small houses

Five tips for decorating small house

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Each house has its strengths and weaknesses. And, in addition, everything is relative. That is, it can happen that having a small house is an inconvenience for a large family while for someone who lives alone it is the ideal option. To decorate a small house it is recommended that you observe the possibilities of that space without establishing constant comparisons with other houses. Do not focus on the lack but on the opportunities available from existing resources. This attitude is creative in the analysis of space to cleverly compensate the limits of it.

Identify other strengths

decorating small houses

A small house can have many other characteristics that add an added perfection to the place. For example, an excellent distribution, a central location, an environment of green areas, large windows … Look at the place in its integral dimension and not only in the perspective of the available space. The decoration project can be aimed at enhancing these attractive aspects of the home in order to make them visible and give them a greater role.

Less is more

decorating small houses

In any type of place this premise is real and practical, however, a small room still highlights the decorative errors associated with the excess of the opposite formula “more is more”. Choose simplicity, simplicity and harmony as the plot thread of this place. Discard any type of ornamental excess in relation to those elements whose main function is precisely that: decorate.

This simplicity for decorating small house also facilitates the process of making decisions in relation to the furniture and details chosen to be placed in each place.

Practical decoration

decorating small houses

In relation to the previous section, the simplicity connects with the inherent functionality of the selected furniture as storage space in each of the rooms of the house. Choose furniture that has a decorative line that you like since the image factor is important, however, also takes care of the aspect of practicality since it depends on the use you will give to the furniture over time.

Thanks to this practical decoration, improve your quality of life in a house that covers your needs increasing daily comfort. That does not mean you should give up any kind of ornamental caprice. For example, you can increase the emotional pleasure of decorating small house with letters that form a word with an anchor of illusion for you. Discover the poetics of words not only in their meaning but also in the visual aesthetics of their lyrics.

Professional Help

decorating small houses

The knowledge of an expert can advise you with solutions tailored to the characteristics of the space to find the best proposals in each area of the house. In a small house it is possible to make concrete decisions with the desire to gain amplitude, for example, to unite the kitchen and the living room. Before applying this option it is very important that you analyze what you gain and what you lose with that reform.

Use of white color

decorating small houses

In relation to the choice of colors, gives greater prominence to white and integrates other shades that you like in smaller doses to create chromatic contrasts. Through white as a common thread you can also create a common base in the different rooms, maintaining a coherent line between the whole and the parts. Light colors increase the feeling of spaciousness and light in the place. Effects that are very desirable in places of reduced dimensions.

The happiness of a home is not measured in its dimensions of space but in the inherent perfection of one’s own life of the moments described in it in a constant present.

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