Christmas decoration

Five leisure plans to enjoy Christmas decoration

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Christmas is a time of the year especially intense for its characteristics and many people are excited about the days that remain for the official entry of this period through the celebration of an Advent calendar. Christmas and decoration are two terms that are united. At the same time, in this final stretch of the year, leisure plans can also give greater prominence to the house, and therefore, to decoration. Here we list a selection of simple activities to do at home.

Wrap the gifts

Christmas decoration

The surprise factor of a gift is not only transmitted through its internal content, but also through its external presentation. Through the experience of wrapping gifts yourself, choosing the image of the presentation format, you enjoy even more this creative and emotional experience of surprising with a special detail.

The time to wrap the gifts can be even more special than the purchase of the selected idea in the store for each person.

Christmas photo report

Christmas decoration

Another of the family traditions that can be integrated into the home is the production of a Christmas-themed report for which the setting of the background of the photographs is decisive. Thanks to this visual language of the photographs, it is possible to accumulate Christmas memories in which the decoration is the protagonist.

This tradition can become a way of telling a story about Christmas as a family through the visual language of those images whose effective value increases as time goes by and yesterday’s memories become even more meaningful.

Making of crafts

Christmas decoration

The crafts not only like children but also adults. There are Christmas-themed activities, for example, the preparation of greeting cards for these holidays. You can enjoy the simplicity of personalizing your happy holiday messages through the graphic art of lettering.

You can also make decorative crafts following the do it yourself philosophy to give these creations an ornamental value in a special place in the house. Through YouTube you can find many proposals to inspire you.

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

Plan the process of preparing the Christmas details of the house giving your room a priority. You can also choose some detail for the exterior decoration of the entrance door to the house. This is a project that can also be carried out as a family. If you have children, they will feel protagonists of this experience by participating in the preparation process with which to dress the house with the magic of Christmas.

You can continue with the usual line of style used in previous years or, on the contrary, give a twist to this essence through innovation. If you love sharing decorating ideas through your Instagram profile, you can also create an update calendar with typically Christmas content.

Decorating the table at Christmas

Christmas decoration

Christmas lovers, when they act as hosts during these festivities, also visualize the aesthetics of a Christmas table in which the details of glassware, crockery and cutlery acquire a differential value with respect to the rest of the year. It’s about bringing the setting of the celebration to the table in order to create a gastronomic experience of taste, conversation and Merry Christmas.

Also, if you love to cook, this time is perfect for preparing new recipes, learning how to make new desserts and encourage entertainment in this room of the house that becomes the new living room at Christmas.

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