Small bedrooms decorating tips and ideas

Small bedrooms

Small bedrooms decorating tips and ideas

Decorating is one of those pleasures that one enjoys on the way when one moves. But many times we find that the spaces are not so wide as to facilitate the task, so we are discouraged. But that should not be the case, here are some decorating tips for small bedrooms that look bigger, remember that the sense of sight can be deceived with some easy-to-learn optical effects.

They are small decorating tricks that require only a little common sense and can serve as inspiration for your room to be a pleasant place and not an oppressive space that you want to run away from.

Lighting in small bedroomsSmall bedrooms

Let’s talk about lighting first, we must make the most of it. If the room has a window, you have to avoid wide frames, so look for the design with as much glass as possible. With regard to the luminary, you must define which one you need, according to the activities you will perform in your bedroom. If possible use hanging lamps, which do not occupy space on the floor or bedside table, but at the same time you can switch off comfortably from the bed.

Furniture for a small bedroomSmall bedrooms

Multifunction furnitureSmall bedrooms

The fundamental part of everything is the furniture. The less furniture you have, the more spacious you will feel in the bedroom and the less messy it will appear to be. Our recommendation, very effective, is the use of multi-function furniture; under the bed will be a storage area. The same applies to possible seats that may exist. There are seats in which the lid is lifted and have a space to store things.

Furniture that combines with each otherSmall bedrooms

To properly choose the furniture, keep in mind that the secret of a good decoration is to choose a theme around which the room is based. This can be a movie, a song, a color, a decoration style, a hobby or anything that comes to your head. In this way, they will not fail when buying the furniture since everything will be in perfect harmony. It is one of the best tips to decorate Small bedrooms. Keep reading- 7 Tricks To Decorate A Small Terrace

BedsSmall bedrooms

The bed is the central point of the room, and its size should fit you. In a small room, you should take advantage of the space and have a large bed, not to have more luxury but more waste.

If you are just buying the furniture or are willing to change it, we recommend removing all the dressers and shelves, leaving the minimum necessary. If the room is very small, consider the possibility of using the multifunction beds, which are a large storage room. The other option that can be given to the bed is a sofa-bed and the storage space to make it more efficient, through proper daily ordering.

As we said, the possibilities are many, and they depend on each person and the uses that they give to the room. For example, if you live alone and work in the same room, you could use a wall bed, which during the day can “hide” in a closet.

The multifunctional bed is an idea that should be made general for all furniture, that is, try to use furniture that can be used for more than one thing, for example, trunks, which can be used as seats or shelves, but at Once, they allow to be used as storage.

Colors in small bedroomsSmall bedrooms

Neutral and bright earth tones, like beige sand, help a small bedroom to look bigger and brighter. Serene colors such as blue and green are often chosen for a bedroom. As they invoke a feeling of peace and relaxation. But avoid deeply saturated shades of blue or green, because they can give the illusion of dwarfing space.

White is also useful, due to the light and feeling of space it creates in a room. However, a white room can also seem cold and austere. Consider the possibility of broken whitish tones, such as cream, ivory, light gray and pearl instead of pure white if you want your room to look more inviting. In all cases, a white roof is used to create the illusion of greater height. It is one of the best tips to decorate Small bedrooms.

Establish a focal pointSmall bedrooms

The choice of a focal point is the other fundamental piece of decoration. Around this, one should focus the view of who comes to the bedroom, so it can be a work of art, a poster or a mirror that covers a good size of the wall, and that generates the optical illusion of extra space, like this poster that gives a lot of depth for your perspective.  It is one of the best tips to decorate Small bedrooms.

Accessories in a small bedroomSmall bedrooms

As a last add accessory to the furniture. It must be proportional to the size of the room, few in number to maintain balance. And follow the theme chosen for decoration. Remember that order will be essential in a small space. The fewer objects are in view, the larger the room will appear.

Clothes that are not in season, can be stored elsewhere outside the bedroom and save space. The appliances, personally we recommend them outside the room, but if you can not live without your TV, try to buy a flat screen and place it on the wall, so that it does not take place on the surface of the floor.

Storage under the bedSmall bedrooms

If you are like most people, the search for space in your bedrooms should always be a challenge; so it seemed a good idea to present some storage ideas under the bed that is the best way to save space without sacrificing the aesthetics of our bedrooms.

Being the only requirements for success with good taste and imagination, because with these two tools we can easily take advantage of our space while taking care of the decoration of them.

Stylishly decorated boxes can be one of our main allies when it comes to taking advantage of the space that is usually under our bed.

While if you are looking for more sophisticated proposals. You can choose the beds that the market already offers with drawers under them. Since these are undoubtedly the most sophisticated options that allow us to save space under our bed.

Those who for their part have not yet built their bedroom and are in the design stage can perfectly devise a higher space on which the bed can be and below it will be functional drawers.

Wooden baskets or built in some stylish material can be an effective way also to create storage under our bed.

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