How to choose window curtains

window curtains

How to choose window curtains

The choice of curtains is very important in a room; the space can change its image from the renewal of this complement that is the protagonist. The curtain has both a practical function and a decorative perspective from its own aesthetic. How to choose the ideal design? There are different factors that you can consider.

Window type

The curtain is in direct connection with the window that covers, therefore, it is important to contextualize this decision to the properties of this point of the house. You can find a model for each type of window in order to enhance the use of light and enhance the beauty of these views. One of the most striking window types visually because of its specific perspective is the irregular one.

window curtains

Symmetric decoration is present in the home from different perspectives. However, the asymmetry also reaches those windows that are defined with this concept. This trend is increasingly common in homes.

The window measurements are important to succeed in the design of the final curtain.


The sense of sight is one of the most used in decoration for its reference to the perception of color, space, volume, the composition of each area of the house, the creation of a specific setting. However, this is not the only sensation that matters in the decorating project seeking the well – being of those who inhabit that home.

Therefore, in addition to the colors and patterns of the curtains, you can also look at another sensitive term: the texture of that design that offers you information. The texture not only responds to the characteristics of the sensation, but also to the temporal context of the year, since in winter the fabrics that shelter the house in front of the cold outside gain prominence.

window curtains

A situation that changes in summer when pleasant temperatures invite you to spend more time outside. The curtain is a type of curtain that covers this part but allowing the passage of light from its composition.

In addition to the fabric selected for the curtain, you can also observe the fall that the product has.


In addition to the color, the particularity of this textile product may be in the pattern chosen for this choice. One of the most common types of printing is floral. A pattern that can wear the entire fabric or, on the contrary, puts the visual accent on a specific point of the fabric.

Stay style

The curtains do not occupy an empty space but are part of a place with its own style in which a range of colors predominates in relation to the shade itself. You can select a type of fabric in a color that follows the same color line or prioritize the creation of a striking contrast in its relationship with the whole through a more striking proposal.

window curtains

Curtains can add a color bath to a place that without this effect is less creative. The choice of one idea or another depends mainly on personal taste. The simplicity of the white color can become the protagonist through curtains that combine perfectly with different decorative styles and shades. This is a kind of idea that does not go out of style.

It is not always necessary to choose curtains depending on the characteristics of the window in relation to the outside. The budget is another factor that you can consider in this investment to dress the house with style.

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