Four ideas to decorate with paintings

decorate with paintings

Four ideas to decorate with paintings

Art offers a visual and emotional experience of leisure and free time in those activities described by the motivation to visit a museum. The walls of your house become the metaphor of an art gallery when you enjoy from this perspective the panorama of images that you like. The language of art also speaks of you. How to decorate with paintings? We give you four ideas to give life to this complement …

1. Picture style

decorate with paintings

There are many different criteria from which you can select the ideal piece of art for a specific stay in your home. One of the categories you can consider is the type of paint you would like to select at this time. There are many different proposals. For example, abstract art, cubism, realism and expressionism among other possible options.

2. Wall decoration behind the sofa

decorate with paintings

The image of a painting can change completely depending on where it is located. It is positive to find a specifically visual point to enjoy the content of this image that projects its perfection in the room in which it is located.

Placing the sofa next to one of the walls of the living room is a common option in those rooms that, being not very spacious, optimize your space through this distribution of furniture. The area around the sofa is the protagonist of many of the moments lived at home.

Design and comfort at the service of well-being. By its own position, the wall that is located behind the sofa can be dressed in a frame whose measurements must be in connection with the proportion of the sofa itself to seek a relationship of harmony between both elements. The paintings are especially significant complements in the decoration since they have a high emotional value.

3. Painting technique used by the artist

decorate with paintings

Another of the categories that you can select as a thread in the choice of a painting for home is the painting technique used by the artist in the creation of the work. You can find a wide variety of proposals. For example, watercolor, oil, pastel, charcoal and acrylic. Each type of work has a creative process.

Picture shops allow you to discover the potential of each type of trend. Currently, through social networks you can also discover the creative talent of different artists who share their works with the public. Artists who print their signature to their creations.

Many people also stand out for their creative talent to paint and cultivate this skill in their free time. Some of these creations are gifts that decorate the homes of friends and family.

4. Custom canvases and photo canvases

decorate with paintings

Another of the trends in decoration of paintings is that which dispenses with the frame as an accessory element to give full prominence to an image presented in the form of a canvas. One of the characteristics of this decorative proposal is the high quality of the image.

The nuance of the frameless paintings leads to the conclusion of observing this really relevant element when it adds an added value to the work and the decorative ensemble of the place, however, this is something that does not always happen. Some works look better without framing in the traditional way.

The custom photo canvas are also an example of how this concept of customization can move to this decorative element with the selection of a special picture. This can also be a gift idea for a special celebration occasion by highlighting a significant image that will remain in space.

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