Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths to decorate the house door

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Christmas is that time of the year in which the decoration transforms the habitual image of the house in the interior through ornamental motifs typical of a time that is enjoyed even more by having a beginning and an end. But, in addition, the Christmas decoration can not only be moved to the heart of the living room but can also be present on the outside. Specifically, at the entrance door to the house.

That door that becomes a metaphor for Christmas reunions, special visits and happy emotions. Therefore, you can personalize this specific point of the house with the warmth of Christmas following the tradition of placing a beautiful decoration there.

The Christmas wreaths are a representative image of the celebration of this time. It is a perfect formula to decorate the exterior of the house, without falling into any kind of excess. Next, we give you a selection of Christmas-inspired ideas with visual examples!

Crown for white door

Christmas wreaths

It is convenient that the particular characteristics of the crown are in relation to the particularities of a white door that gives all the prominence to this decoration as in this case in particular. While to decorate the interior of the house you need a previous planning, this adornment is totally simple and you can improvise it at the last moment. Choose a detail that you love and that connects with your Christmas philosophy!

Flower wreath in golden color

Christmas wreaths

The golden one is one of the protagonist tones of Christmas par excellence. Synonym of light and elegance. You can not only integrate it in the living room, but also, in the aesthetics of the door of your home with a crown of this style. A design that, as in the previous case, combines perfectly with the white background of the door.

Also, if you love Christmas crafts, you can also make a design made by yourself. A wreath of flowers that has your own personal stamp and your time. This can be a creative leisure plan during Advent. In the market you can find artificial crowns that have the added advantage that you can save your design to use it again in the next celebrations next year. You can also choose a natural proposal. The cost of natural crowns is higher, however, the result also has a higher quality. What is your favorite option to decorate your door during the end of the year?

Building style

Christmas wreaths

By choosing the style of the flower crown you can not only look at the characteristics of the door, but also, in the general context of the house when its architecture is markedly striking in its facade. In that case, the wreath of flowers should not steal prominence to this exterior aesthetics of the home but integrate into the whole from the simplicity.

Classic crowns

Christmas wreaths

In the market you can find a wide range of door decoration proposals. Both classic elements and others that project a more modern image. The classic options give prominence to colors such as green or red.

There is another criterion that you can consider when choosing the decoration of the entrance door to the house. What is the Christmas decoration of the interior? Then, you can create a harmony between both planes of the home so that this access point is a faithful reflection of what visitors will find inside.

What are the characteristics of your favorite Christmas wreaths to bring the essence of these parties to the door of your house?

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