Jewish Celebrations throughout the year

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The Jewish faith is one of deep commitment and integrity. However, whilst it might seem intense to outside eyes, they certainly make sure they enjoy and give thanks for their religion. There are many celebrations and remembrances of past events. Celebrating these is deeply important to the Jews, given their history. It’s why you’ll see the exchanging of Rosh Hashanah cards, such as those from cazenovejudaica, as an example. Here are a few of the most important.

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Passover – Celebrated in Spring, this is a meal of remembrance marking the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. They were held there as little more than enslaved people. The story is that all of the firstborns in the land are killed, except those of the Jews. This, finally, makes the Pharaoh tell them to leave.

Yom Kippur – This is the holiest of days for those of the Jewish faith. It’s a day of fasting, not eating or drinking anything, and reflection, plus asking for sins to be forgiven.

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Rosh Hashanah – This is the end and start of the Jewish New year. It began with the blowing of Ram’s horn. This then makes way for days of feasting and merrymaking. There is also a fair amount of reflection on the year ahead and behind.

Hanukkah – Held for eight days, this celebrates the Maccabees’ victory to reclaim Jerusalem’s capital. As it’s near Christmas, it has become a big thing in the USA and well known after the Friends episode, the One with the Holiday Armadillo.


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