Inspiration for repurposing vintage fabrics

Inspiration for repurposing vintage fabrics

Vintage fabrics are having a revival and you probably own a couple of pieces you love but have yet to find a use for.  From aprons to buttons, the possibilities for breathing new life into vintage linens are endless. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

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.Fit for re-purpose

Vintage fabrics come in such a range of colours and patterns that there is sure to be a project to fit each one. With this variety in mind, why not match a few together and make your own patchwork quilt or curtain? Patchwork adds a lovely homely feel to a room and quilts are handy for those cold nights.

Smaller pieces of vintage fabric can also be useful. Handkerchiefs can be turned into a variety of lovely things, including valances and curtains. Small sections of fabric can be included in necklace pendants or used to cover buttons for some subtle vintage flair.

New items of clothing can be fashioned from old fabrics. A particularly cute project is to repurpose vintage pieces into retro aprons, complete with ruffles! Pillowcases are a good choice for this and can be matched with vintage-style dress fabric if your collection does not stretch quite far enough. There are some lovely vintage-inspired fabrics available online from suppliers that could easily fit in with genuine vintage pieces.

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Repurposing fabrics for the home

Add a special touch to your kitchen with a table runner, napkins or tea towels made from vintage fabrics; just be sure to give your fabrics a clean first. There are lots of online tutorials on how to care for vintage fabrics.

Another use for vintage fabrics is to turn them into pieces that manage to be pretty in addition to functional. Examples include envelope pouches to keep your odds and ends safe, lavender sachets to scent desk drawers, and even handbags for some portable vintage style.

Home decoration items can be crafted from vintage fabrics and are ideal for those who like to be unique. Try making something from some vintage doilies and an old window frame – simply attach a doily to each empty pane in place of glass for an unusual and delicate piece of wall art.

Repurposing vintage fabrics is a great way to add a one-of-a-kind piece to your wardrobe or home while keeping the past alive.

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