Carpet Cleaning Techniques

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Carpet cleaning is done mainly to eliminate dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets to provide a clean and comfortable home. Several common methods are employed to clean carpets, including hot water extraction, wet-clean, and vacuum.

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Hot-water extraction is a carpet cleaning technique wherein a carpet cleaning solution is pumped into the room where dirt or spills are found. Afterward, a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirty water out. It helps to extract excess dirt and soil particles on the surface and the bottom of the carpet. This technique also helps in removing excess moisture that may have accumulated on the floor due to drips. This technique is usually used when deep-seating spills are present on carpets or if there are areas of the floor that are difficult to clean with any other techniques. This is how Carpet Cleaning Hereford companies like Octokleen can clean your carpets so well.

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Dry-clean and rotating brush carpet cleaning techniques are also common. In dry-clean technique, a shampoo is applied on the wet carpet and then a rotary brush is used to scrub it thoroughly. Rotating brush technique is commonly used to clean irregularly-shaped carpet fibers. Carpet-cleaning solution is pumped into a rotary brush and it is then used to scrub the carpet fibers thoroughly. Both techniques help in removing stubborn dirt and stains on the carpet fibers and rids the carpet of allergens and dust particles that accumulate on the carpet over time.

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