Beautiful chocolate and sugar craft from Cherish Finden

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You’d have to go a long way to find someone as qualified and as talented as Bake-Off Professionals judge Cherish Finden. This warm and friendly award-winning chef of pastry at the exclusive The Langham restaurant in London a position she has held since 2009, is well suited to the role due to her fabulous work creating new and executing meals and desserts with pastry, chocolate and sugar craft. Being pretty stylish herself Cherish has used the themes of the London’s strong association with fashion and design to draw together an innovative menu. You can bet that she and her team are busy beavering away on a 4 Burner Gas Oven like the one that can be viewed at

How did she get to where she is now?

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Cherish was born in Singapore but has settle in the England to further her culinary skills and impress a new audience.  She is a competitive person have entered the Food & Hotel Asia International Culinary Challenge to show of her talents. This enable her to get a job at the very well-respected Raffles Hotel in her native Singapore. The Hotel has 6 stars and she made the most of her 3 years there learning and refining her skills for what lay ahead. She began to tour the world making incredible cakes and dishes for many hotels and got to work with Raymond Blanc and other visiting cooking dignitaries when serving at Raffles

She is not a lady to rest on her laurels and on of the many factors in her successful judging is that she has competed and won several competitions herself as she loves to test herself and her sense of innovation. She has won the 8 gold medals and led the Singapore pastry team to victory over thirty-two other countries. Won of her greatest wins was pastry chef of the year in 2012 and consecutive victories for The Langham taking the Top London Afternoon Tea award.

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As if that wasn’t enough this charismatic and engaging individual has begun a solid TV career where is much loved and respected judge on Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals where her constructive critic and wit have made her one of the highlights alongside Benoit Binn. This is just her latest foray into the world of TV work She has appeared on BBC’s MasterChef where she instilled a new edge to the show both in the UK and the Australian versions of the BBC. She has also been encouraging new talent by judging an appearing in the BBC’s junior Bake-off program. Her favourite appearance though has to be with a chef she considers a peer (and a bit of rival) in the shape of the king of taste and innovation Heston Blumenthal..

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