Ideas for a brighter and bigger bathroom

bigger bathroom

Ideas for a brighter and bigger bathroom

In the bathroom we always have the same dilemma: what can we do to gain meters? And the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. And, therefore, space is the main problem. Or less said, the lack of space.

We want to help you and that is why we have selected for you the best tips to achieve a bigger bathroom. Or, at least, visually it seems. Light colors, mirrors, good lighting … Take note!

bigger bathroom

Bet on light colors and bright materials

The color is the basis of all decoration. A very important detail that can help us gain luminosity. And, therefore, also amplitude. The trick is to choose light colors. So, in the bathroom, white is the best possible choice. Bet on it on the ceiling, on the walls and on the floor. You can also opt for it in the main furniture, such as the washbasin cabinet and cabinets.

In addition to the materials, it is not advisable to lose sight of the finishes either. In this sense, shiny surfaces (such as marble, glass and tiles in light tones) will give an elegant touch of light that will not go unnoticed.

That is why, if you are thinking about doing works in your bathroom, a good choice is to opt for a glass screen. And if it is also a sliding door, you will save the meters that the door occupies when it is open. Another good idea is to opt for a walk-in shower. Using the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom will help you to further unify the space, making the bathroom look bigger, since you will not have the visual cut of the shower.

bigger bathroom

Do not go over the decoration and clear the surfaces

As for decoration, our advice is that you do not overload your bathroom and try to add the just and necessary pieces. Try to clear the surfaces, this way you will have the feeling that your bathroom is bigger than it seems.

To do this, try to organize all your things in cabinets, drawers, etc. You can always save some things that you do not use daily in other rooms of the house. So you’ll have more free space in your bathroom for important things.

Decorate with mirrors

If there is an important detail to gain amplitude in your bathroom that is, without a doubt, the mirror. Whenever possible, try to choose a very large mirror. And places several points of light near it. Thus the lighting of your lamps will be reflected in the mirror, gaining amplitude.

bigger bathroom

Optimize the space

Another trick of interior decorator to gain meters in the bathroom is to opt for a hand-operated sink. In this way, you will gain free space in the lower part to which you can give other uses. Although you can also leave this space free and thus gain amplitude. It is already known that the less you recharge the bathroom with elements, the bigger it will appear.

The vertical order will also help you optimize the bathroom to the maximum. Shelves, shelves, hangers, etc. Make the most of the walls to organize your bathroom, but without recharging. For example, take advantage of the interior door of a closet. Take your ingenuity to shine and look for all those corners that you can come well to optimize the meters of your bathroom.

Do you have a window in your bathroom? Potentiate it! Use a lightweight curtain in light tones that allows you to gain light. You can also opt for an opaque, translucent glass or even a vinyl.

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