10 ideas to make the bathroom look bigger than it is

bathroom look bigger

10 ideas to make the bathroom look bigger than it is

Do you think your bathroom looks too small? The problem of available space can affect all the rooms of your home, which is why we always offer you tips to get the most out of them. Today I will focus on the bathroom, that big forgotten when it comes to decorating and we have collected few ideas to make the bathroom look bigger.

It is likely that we do not worry much about the theme of decoration, but what is certain is that we like to make the most of space to move comfortably. For this, nothing better than putting into practice the 10 ideas that I share below. Do you have something on hand to aim?

bathroom look bigger

1- If you are still in time to change the distribution …

Either because the floor is new or because you are going to reform the bathroom, the fact of being able to think about the distribution is an advantage. The square meters available are always going to be the same, but it is incredible what can change the bathroom depending on where we place the most important pieces (shower, toilet, bidet, sink …). Think about your basic needs and organize the distribution to take advantage of the space.

2- Mirrors without frame

As you probably already know if you are a regular at decoration blogs, the mirrors help us visually multiply the available space. Of course, I recommend that you do not have a frame to enhance clarity without overloading the bathroom.

bathroom look bigger

3- Are you sure the bathtub is necessary?

We must recognize that a bathtub is very good when there are children at home, since bathing is more comfortable for both parents and children. However, if you are not in that moment of your life or will be in the next few years, you should consider changing the bathtub for a shower. That’s as long as you’re willing to give up a soothing clear foam bath …

4- Glass partitions

In addition to being a fantastic aesthetic option, thanks to the glass screens you will gain space at the visual level because the light will reach the end. You will not have the feeling that the bathroom ends where the shower or bathtub begins.

bathroom look bigger

5- Everything in order

Obviously, the more collected everything is, the bigger the bathroom will look. To have everything in order is essential that there are cabinets and other storage solutions that can come in handy, such as baskets that can be hung from a wall or the door.

6- The space you see as soon as you open the door

If it is inevitable that there is a recharged area, do what is in your hand so that it is the one furthest from the door, otherwise you will have a somewhat unpleasant vision just open it.

bathroom look bigger

7- Low furniture

The furniture is necessary in any bathroom, more than anything to store the dryer, cosmetic products, colonies … Of course, if you can choose, choose low or suspended furniture. The latter reduce the feeling of overwhelm in a small bathroom.

8- Shower tray at ground level

I know that choosing a nice shower is not as easy as it seems. However, beyond the beauty of the elements that compose it, I recommend that you opt for one that is installed at ground level (or as low as possible in its absence). In the same way, it will be very helpful to use the same tiles in the shower tray and in the rest of the bathroom, since a continuity image will be created that will lengthen the space visually.

bathroom look bigger

9- If you have a narrow bathroom …

Not all bathrooms are like those in movies. Unfortunately, there are bathrooms that are quite narrow. In those cases it is best to place everything on one side to leave a free passage through which to move without difficulty. In addition, another very useful advice is to place the most voluminous in the background.

10- Proportionality

We all like to live big. We want a large sink, a large bathtub, a large shower tray … However, you have to think about the space available and act with proportionality. What does that mean? Well you’ll have to buy a sink, a bathtub or a small shower tray if your bathroom is small. With the only thing you can give yourself a whim without restrictions is with the mirror, as it will contribute to making the bathroom look bigger.

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