painting bathroom walls

5 colors recommended for painting bathroom walls

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If they could talk, the toilets would raise their voices to tell us that they are tired of being the forgotten ones. When decorating we think very little about them, since we usually focus more on the decoration of the living room, dining room or bedroom, which are rooms for which more decorative products are sold. We should think like other rooms while painting bathroom walls.

If you are one of those who do care about bathroom decoration and you have doubts about the color you have to choose to painting bathroom walls, I recommend that you do not lose any detail of what I tell you next, since I am talking about 5 colors that will come to you very well and that you should choose according to how you want to feel in your bathroom.


painting bathroom walls

White is the star color, which will always be recommended by interior designers for your bathroom. It is a sure hit and conveys that feeling of calm and cleanliness that we are so grateful for, although it is also true that it is a color that does not tell us too much if we are not able to combine it with other colors such as blue, green or black. It is, next to the beige, the one that more walls of bathrooms has been able to cover and the one that more walls will continue covering unless things change a lot in the next years.


painting bathroom walls

Blue is another of the colors that one is not surprised to find in a bathroom. The best part is that you can play with its different tones to create a completely different environment. For example, the darker blue can come very well to a classic bathroom in which there are metal decorative pieces, while a lighter blue is what we would choose to paint the walls of a children’s bathroom. If none of these two options goes with you and you are looking for something that does not get too far from what would be a bathroom painted white, the best thing you can do is opt for a pastel blue, which undoubtedly transmits a lot of sweetness and does not detract from the limelight. To the different elements of the bathroom.

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painting bathroom walls

It is not a color as usual as blue, but we also see it in many bathrooms. In this case we can also take advantage of the wide variety of shades of green that exist to achieve our goal. It is a relaxing color that never goes out of style and that is often a trend.


painting bathroom walls

The elegance is gray, so if you are looking for a touch of distinction for your bathroom you should have it clear. The black would also serve, but it is a bad color because it reduces visual space and can overwhelm a little. The gray, however, can be as clear as you want, and in fact it is recommended that it be clear enough to mix with marble, which is a material that is still very fashionable to wear bathrooms. That yes, it does not happen as before, when it was tiled from top to bottom.


painting bathroom walls

I finish with another color that I particularly love for the painting bathroom walls. The brown has the virtue of mixing a thousand wonders with the plants you have in the bathroom, so we could say that it is a perfect choice to create a very natural atmosphere. In addition, not only will you see it on the walls, but the furniture could be the same color to create a very harmonious result with which you will feel very well, which is what it is about in the most intimate stay of all home.

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