designs for a bathroom

10 original designs for a bathroom

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I think that with the “originals” I have fallen short. I have not been able to find a better word to define what the following designs for a bathroom are able to offer to those who enjoy them in their bathroom, since they are unique in the world and most are not even for sale because of exclusivity issues.

I recommend you not to miss these designs for a bathroom because at least they will surprise you. We start?

Bath-shaped hammock

designs for a bathroom

The hammocks are not only to enjoy the good weather on a terrace. We can also find them in the bathroom thanks to this ingenious design of the British Splinter Works, who have managed to give it a curved shape without compromising the stability of those who have the privilege of taking a bath of the most atypical and pleasant.

Carpet made with moss

designs for a bathroom

A plant like moss, which likes so much wet soil and shade, cannot sit bad that you use as a carpet for the bathroom. In fact, that’s what Nguyen La Chanh thought before going to work with a design that at least has gone around the world.

The invisible bathtub

designs for a bathroom

You can boast a bathtub because of its shapes and its technology, but you can also do it just the opposite. Is there a more discrete model than what you can see on these lines? It is clear that no. Stern McCafferty left us all with our mouths open with this bathtub that does not allow you to be completely covered by a lot of foam that you can pile on the surface.

Washbasin with fish tank

designs for a bathroom

The thing is odd, so this sink with fish tank could not be left out. While you wash your face and hands, the fish move in a small space that is like that of an ordinary fish tank, only in the center there is a hole through which the water we use to wash is strained. We have seen it in Opulent Items.

Bicycle that makes washbasin

designs for a bathroom

The uses that you can give to a bicycle that you are not going to use to move around the city. In fact, it can even become the best support for the toilet sink, as you can see in the image shown above.

Basin in the Arctic

designs for a bathroom

White and with a hole that reminds us that they are formed in the ice sheets that are in the Arctic, this sink leaves you frozen, although you are always in time to turn on the hot water tap to warm the environment. KOKO Architects are responsible for its innovative designs for a bathroom.

The bathroom of the yellow submarine

designs for a bathroom

In this case, we should not talk about a particular bathroom piece, but about the entire bathroom. The work is not finished much less in a week, since it has a series of mosaics that run the length and width of both the walls and the ceiling. In addition, just above the bathtub is the periscope, a fundamental piece to feel like a real submarine.

Bathroom not suitable for people with vertigo

designs for a bathroom

From the ornate to the simplest. So simple that you feel there is no soil and that you will fall from a few meters high. Without a doubt, it is a bathroom not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo, because of the feeling that you can fall at any time thanks to the glass that leaves the floor uncovered.

Glass-free bathtub

designs for a bathroom

The free-standing bathtubs are wonderful. It is difficult to see them in small bathrooms, because when the meters are scarce we always opt for solutions such as taking advantage of the corners to place the bathtub. They are synonymous with distinction and some have an irresistible classic designs for a bathroom. It is the case of the one that can be seen in the image, although the fact that it is totally transparent breaks with all kinds of conventions. The Belarusian Kiryl Miahkou is the one who has delighted us with this model.

Amethyst basin

designs for a bathroom

If you are a lover of minerals and collect fascicles on matter since you were little, you cannot resist this sink made with amethyst, which is a violet macro crystalline variety of quartz that does not go unnoticed.

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